Welcome to Imatra for a new swimming adventure

Vuoksi Swim Imatra 17.8.2024

Vuoksi Swim Imatra 17.8.2024

Registration and prices

At the Vuoksi Swim event, there are three different distances to choose from: long distance, medium distance, and sprint distance.

Event rules

Before participating in the event, carefully familiarize yourself with the event rules, which ensure a smooth and safe experience for everyone.

Welcome to a new swimming adventure in Imatra, where you will swim from Lake Saimaa to River Vuoksi.

The clear water of Finland’s largest lake, Saimaa, its stunning views, and old boathouses, lead swimmers to river Vuoksi, where the most fun and above all, the fastest part of the event begins. When swimming in the current of Vuoksi, swimmers are guaranteed to experience record speeds.

Event info

The Vuoksi Swim event offers three different distance options: long distance, medium distance, and sprint distance. The lengths of the distances are approximately 10 km, 8 km, and 4 km. In the long-distance race, swimmers will cover around 4.5-5 km in Lake Saimaa. In the medium distance, swimmers will cover 2.5-3 km in Lake Saimaa, and in the sprint distance, swimmers will slide in the Vuoksi rapids. The long and medium-distance races include a walking transfer of approximately 1.2 km after the first 1 km of the Vuoksi section.

Participants register for the event as individual swimmers, and swimming in pairs or groups is allowed. The long and medium-distance races will start together, while the sprint will start with a rolling start.

Participation fees:

  • Long distance: €189 per person
  • Middle distance: €169 per person
  • Sprint distance: €129 per person

The participation fee includes:

  • A Vuoksi Swim swim cap
  • Comprehensive energy and hydration support during the event
  • Safety surveillance during the swim
  • Bus transportation from Imatra
  • Spa to the starting points and from the finish back to Imatra Spa
  • Service at the finish area, including refreshments such as soft drinks, non-alcoholic beer, pizza from restaurant Sula, etc.
    A programmed buffet dinner at Imatra Spa on the evening after the event

NOTE! You can now also pay with exercise benefits!

Preliminary schedule for the event day:

  • 9:00 am Start of the long distance
  • 10:00 am Start of the middle distance
  • 11:00 am Start of the sprint distance
  • 11:00 am – 3:00 pm Finish area open (food and showers)
  • 7:00 pm Dinner and award ceremony

Avec Event

We offer the companions of Vuoksi Swim event participants the opportunity to be involved in the day’s activities.

There are three packages available, which can be purchased together or separately.

  • Package 1 includes transportation to the finish area and return to Imatra Spa, as well as access to the pizza buffet at Restaurant Sula, including non-alcoholic beverages.
  • Package 2 includes dinner, featuring food, awards presentations, and general festivities.
  • Package 3 includes both of the aforementioned packages.

The rules

“To participate in the Vuoksi Swim event, you don’t need to be a stainless steel woman or man, but it is enough to have at least reasonable swimming skills and endurance. To ensure a smooth and safe event, it is important that every participant carefully familiarizes themselves with the event rules before the event.”