Vuoksi Swim Imatra 17.8.2024

Event rules

The rules

Section 1: Requirements for Participation
To participate in the Vuoksi Swim event, you must be able to swim and be at least 18 years old. Participants under 18 may be allowed to participate with written consent from guardians and a decision from the judges. All participants must have a valid accident insurance policy. Registration is binding and participation fees are non-refundable. If the event is canceled by the organizer, participation can be transferred to the following year or a 75% refund of the participation fee may be provided.

Section 2: Swimming Route
The swimming route starts in Lake Saimaa (excluding the sprint). Participants must stay on the marked route and ensure that the last safety boat does not pass their team if they must temporarily leave the route. There are several checkpoints along the route, with 4-5 mandatory inspection points during the longer distance, and 3 during the medium-length race. All participants must visit all the checkpoints. First aid is available at all checkpoints, and boats, canoes, and SUP boards secure swimmers while in the water.

Section 3: Equipment Requirements
Swimmers must carry all equipment they use during the race from start to finish. All equipment, including food and similar items, must be labeled with the participant’s name. The following equipment is mandatory for each participant: water-temperature-appropriate wetsuit and neoprene shoes or other shoe protection. A bright-colored buoy must be attached to the swimmer with a string. Participants must wear a swimming hat provided by the organizer for the entire event. A second hat, neoprene hood, etc., can be worn underneath. The use of snorkels, fins, floaties, and pull buoys is not allowed.

Section 4: Timing
Timing begins at the starting line, and participants must declare their race number at each checkpoint and the finish line. There is no timing in the sprint, but participants must declare their race numbers at the finish line.

Section 5: Participant Responsibilities
Participants must respect other participants, nature, event organization, spectators, and people in the event area. All participants must familiarize themselves with and follow the rules and guidelines. Participants are required to help other competitors or the event organizer in emergency situations. Participants must respect local residents and nature while practicing on the route before the event. Participation in the event is at the participant’s own risk, and the organizer is not liable for any accidents that may occur during the event.

Section 6: Rules
The event directors and at least two organizers make up the judging panel. They make decisions regarding changes to the route, time changes and rule changes. All decisions of the judges are final. Failure to comply may result in disqualification. Although the event is timed, it is primarily an experiential event rather than a competitive one. Therefore, disqualifications may occur due to littering or damaging nature. Assistance from non-event personnel outside the official checkpoints is prohibited. In safety-related matters, accepting assistance is allowed.

Section 7: Safety
The event organizer must conduct a risk assessment and take necessary measures to minimize the risks associated with the event, both for competitors and staff. The event organizer must ensure there is an adequate amount of safety personnel and security equipment present during the event. The organizer reserves the right to prohibit participants from continuing the event, should they be deemed to be too tired, physically or mentally unfit by the judges, medical personnel, or other organization members. Participants who must discontinue the race must immediately notify the nearest organization member.

Section 8: Photography, Image Rights, and Media Rights
The event organizer reserves the rights to the photographic and video material of the event. Unauthorized commercial use of photographic material is prohibited. Participants grant the event organizer the right to use images and video material of them taken during the event free of charge for marketing and media purposes. Participants may use the event’s photographic material on their personal social media channels without charge.

Section 9: Acceptance of Rules
By participating in the event, each participant accepts the event’s rules in their entirety.

Vuoksi Swim Imatra 17.8.2024

Registration and Prices

At the Vuoksi Swim event, there are three different distance options: long distance, medium distance, and sprint distance.